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Discord Dungeons

First read this guide for the basics, we're not going through the basics in this but what new things can you do at different levels.

Level 5


Buy yourself a fishing rod so you can now do #!fish. When you get skill level 3 fishing you could also fish at Mournstead to get Tuna. Sometimes people buy tuna on the global market for a good price.

Upgrading Tools

Is your #!mine and #!chop at skill level 2? Buy a copper pickaxe and axe from the global market or something, otherwise craft it at level 10.

Level 10

Upgrading Weapons

You can now upgrade your weapons at the blacksmith. Simple #!travel Redhorn to get to the blacksmith, talk to the Urist and chose option 2 to upgrade your weapon. Keep coming back to this at later levels to upgrade your new weapons.

If you read the basics guide you will have enough strength to upgrade your weapon +3 times.

Traveling and Compass'

Yeah, you need a compass to travel as well, you can't craft it until level 12 though, which isn't a big deal so there's no problem waiting! But if you don't want to wait, maybe check the global selling market using #!gmsearch compass. If someone is selling use #!gmbuy <trade id> <amount> to buy a compass!


You can plant now as well! Go check out the plant link since theres quite a bit you need to know.

Basically you need to #!travel to a place with a plant spot, #!buyfield then #!plant set<seed>. You get seeds from #!forage. Leave it there until you want to #!plant check it, then plant another seed.

Upgrading/Crafting Tools

Did you get a copper pickaxe and axe yet? If not you can now #!craft them on your own, but you will need to #!unequip pickaxe and #!unequip axe first. Do #!recipe copper pickaxe to see what you need to craft it, same thing for the copper axe. Use your skills and the global market in order to get the materials you need!

But if you do have those, you can also now upgrade to Zinc Pickaxe and Axe if you have level 5 #!mine and #!chop skills.

Level 12


Trapping is basically the same directions as planting, but slightly different.

#!Travel to a place with a trap spot (the same as plant spots), #!buytrapspot then #!trap set <trap>. Check out the trapping item list to see the different traps you can #!craft and what each gives. Leave it there until you want to #!trap check it, then set another trap.


You can also check out the Temple of MOUKN quest to get the gist of how quests work.

Quests mostly consist of:

  • #!travel to other #!location using a compass
  • #!talk to NPC's (you can see available NPC's in #!location)
  • Battling mobs in #!adv
  • Collecting materials using the side commands and #!search

Level 15


Parties are basically multiplayer #!adv's. You can create a party, invite other players and then use #!padv to attack mobs while taking turns.

Wood Quest

You COULD do the wood quest, however it needs logs that you probably aren't skilled enough to #!chop yet. Check out the Chop page, if you haven't yet, to see where and what the skill requirement to chop different logs. You can always try to buy these logs of the global market though.

Level 20

Upgrading Tools

If you have level 10 mine and chop skill, go #!unequip pickaxe and axe, and go #!craft yourself an Iron Pickaxe and Axe.


You can now #!crack those geodes. You can get different elemental shards from geodes, which have multiple uses.

Meditative Magic Quest

The Meditative Magic quest is one of the more useful quests, however you do need #!mine level 10 in order to do it without using the global market. Once you complete this quest, you are able to #!craft runes, which are used to teleport to different locations.

Level 25


You can now enter dungeons! You can go into a dungeon to go into a mini game thing. Dungeons are primarily used to collects gemstones which can be used later on to enchant your tools and give them different boosts.

Despite dungeons being available at level 25, it may be best for you to go dungeon diving at a later level, since if you die in a dungeon, you lose all the xp, gold, and items you gained.

Three Quests

Theres another three quests you can do now: fickle fishing, exotic eggnog, and The Land Above. The most important of these 3 is The Land Above quest, which will give you access to the Primeval Kingdom, which in return gives you access to the tasks activity.


If you have done the Land Above quest, you can now travel to Primeval. At lemontree plaza you can also talk to Alex in order to receive daily tasks. Tasks is basically collecting a certain amount of an item, then giving it to a different NPC in primeval.


There are quite a few uses for spending lux, however one of the most useful is buying Beer from Mathilda. Beer is used to temporarily increase your strength when you #!adv, thus killing mobs a bit more faster than usual.

Level 30

Upgrading Tools

Again, you may not have level 15 #!mine or #!chop skill, but if ya do, upgrade to Steel!

Namazu Quest

Quest for the Namazu is the only level 30 quest, go check that out if you like.

Level 50


Finally, you can #!buy yourself a ring. There's multiple available to the public: Ring of Xp, Ring of Defense, Ring of Strength.


Enchanting was mentioned at level 25 with the dungeons. I highly suggest go checking out the enchanting link to see how it works. Simply put though, firstly you need to insert a socket into your tool from the blacksmith, then with a Gem from the dungeons, you can go the the Enchantress is primeval to enchant that tool with a gem. Check out the gemstones page to see the different effects gems have on different tools.

Final Tool Upgrade

Its highly unlikely you have #!mine or #!chop skill level 30 at level 50, however, at any time you do have that requirement, go do the final tool upgrade and upgrade to Leptocite!

Level 60

Telling Tales Quest

One of the most important quests! Telling Tales quest is a public quest you can do in order to get yourself a necklace, so you better go do that quest.

Level 100


Do the #!getcard command to get a free new weapon, the Blue Ceremonial Card

New Rod

Travel to Primeval, and find the NPC Felix. Talk to him and if you have been doing enough tasks to get LUX, buy yourself a new Bait Rod!

The End

We have come to the end of showing you what you can/should do at different levels. There is a lot not covered here, however everything is on the wiki, so go check out these different pages: