Telling Tales

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Public Necklace quest; semi-Halloween Quest 2019

Quest written by: Alsatian#0805

Telling Tales
Public Necklace Quest
Level 60
Starts At The Sick Dahlia
Started By Merga
XP 5,000
Gold 5,000
Quest Points 1
Items a Witches Knot Pendant


Strength Potion?

Items Required: None

To start the quest, talk to Merga in The Sick Dahlia, and talk to her about your future and fortune. She'll ask you if you'd like her to make you a potion to make you stronger, then she will ask you to get her some crystal clusters, olives, and a dirty water vial.

Something is Brewing

Items Required: 3 Crystal Clusters, a Dirty Water Vial, and 3 Olives

Once you have gathered everything Merga asked for, talk to Merga again. She will proceed to show you a puzzle piece to which you have to figure out the code to the piece.

At this stage, it is OPTIONAL to battle Merga's old friends in order to get the code, or you can always try to guess the code.

OPTIONAL Mob Battles:

Talk and then begin your battle with Leviathan at Dingerou Cavern, and Asmodeus at Blackburn Mountain. Talk to them once more after defeating to receive the code for the puzzle piece. Both NPC Mobs also drop a Token: Leviathan Token and Asmodeus Token respectively.

Puzzle Piece Code

Items Required: None

Talk to Merga to input the code into the puzzle piece. The code to the puzzle piece is: 4, 2 and 0. The puzzle piece will open and Merga will keep one piece, while giving you the unnecessary second piece.

Wheres the Potion?

Items Required: None

Talk to Merga one more time to complete the quest, however, you will not be receiving a strength potion, it was all a lie!

Quest Complete!