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Task is a daily activity players can do as a way to get lux. In order to do a task, you will first need to complete The Land Above quest so you can travel to Primeval.


You start doing a task by talking to Alex in Lemontree Plaza and he will tell you a task to collect X amount of an item and deliver them to a Primeval citizen in return for XP and Lux. You will then decide if you wanna decline or accept the task!

Bulbgraph.png You can decline a task as many times as you like until you get a task that is easier to fulfill.

You can find out where the NPC (that wanted the items) is located by doing tagbot primeval (if tagbot is available on your server) or checking them here (sort them and locate them with the kingdom being Primeval).

Hello 'player', (primeval citizen) says they want (amount) (item).
They'll give you (amount) XP and (amount) LUX.

After accepting, once you have the items asked for, find where Astrid is located and talk to Astrid to complete the task and get the rewards.

The amount needed and rewards (Lux and XP) are dependent on your level.

Command Format

#!task <action>

The different actions you can use with this command and what they do are:

Check - This action is used to check the information on the task you accepted.

Accept - This action is used to accept the current task Alex has offered.

Decline - This action is used to decline the current task Alex has offered.

Cancel - This action is used to cancel your quest after already accepting it. If you cancel a quest you will have to wait 24 hours before accepting a new one.

  • You can only do a quest once every 24 hours, there is currently no inbuilt timer for this.
  • Tasks are currently the only way you can earn Lux.
  • To view what you can spend your Lux on, click here.


  • Currently only Theodora the enchantress do not request items for lux.