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Level Requirement: 12

Cooldown: 10 Seconds

In certain locations you can #!buytrapspot to be able to #!trap using traps to get certain items.

The amount and type of items you can get from trapping is affected by time, trap type, and Salvaging attribute.


To set a trap, you need a trap first.

Currently, there are four traps: Trap.png Traps, Trap.png Felix's Trap, Nova Trap and Nova Starlight Absorber.png Nova Starlight Absorber. Traps can be crafted with the #!craft command.

Once you have a trap, go to a location with a trap spot and #!buytrapspot at the location.

 * Silverkeep
 * Rivermouth
 * Copperfall
 * Ravengate (members only)
 * Redhorn
 * Lemontree Plaza
 * Aeston Mill (members only)
 * Caeli Farm
 * Bartfinn
 * Crimsonlake
 * Glimmerhelm
 * Roguebury Farm (members only)
 * Roguebury Village
 * Shimmercoast

Set your trap using #!trap set <trap name>.

You can use #!trap info to see where you have traps placed, and how long they have been placed in each location.

After a while, #!trap check in the same location, to get the output. Note: The trap will be used after setting and checking it regardless of time!

Output List

A list of items you can obtain from trapping. Items obtained from #!trap are unbuyable.

Item Trap Type Sell
Wool.png Ball of Wool All Traps 45
Feather1.png Golden Feather All Traps 40
Meat.png Meat Bear Trap; Nova Trap 115
Feather2.png Raven feather Bear Trap; Felix's Trap 35
Bear Bear Trap N/A
Immortal King's Sacrament Felix’s Trap N/A
Felix’s Fur Felix’s Trap N/A
Nova Moonstone Nova Starlight Absorber N/A
Nova Crystal Nova Starlight Absorber N/A
Star Fragment Nova Starlight Absorber N/A
Bunny Paw Nova Trap N/A
Deer Nova Trap N/A

Other Side Activities

 * Mining
 * Chopping
 * Fishing
 * Foraging
 * Planting
 * Trapping

More Information

#!buytrapspot price:

 Trap spot price increases each time you buy one.
 Trap spot prices starts at 1000g then increases by 2500g each location.
 Lemontree Plaza trapspot price: 1 LUX

Leave your trap for as long as you can to get all items.