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  • #!chop has a 300 seconds cooldown.

Using the #!chop command allows the player to chop wood.

The amount of items you can chop is affected by your skill level, lumber boost attribute and Axe.

The calculation for the number of items you can chop:

1 + skillLevel + (1 per 25 points Lumber Boost) + Axe Boost

Output List

A list of items you can obtain from chopping. Minerals obtained from #!chop are unbuyable.

Item Skill Level Sell Location
Log Log 1 30 Everywhere
Oak Log 5 N/A Silverkeep
Willow Log 10 N/A Copperfall and Rivermouth
Maple Log 15 N/A Copperfall
Fir Log 20 N/A Frostridge
Pine Log 22 N/A Frostridge
Ash Log 25 N/A Redhorn
Poplar Log 30 N/A Mournstead

Other Side Activities

 * Mining
 * Chopping
 * Fishing
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 * Planting
 * Trapping