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Talk to Theodora to add or remove gem effects to weapons, rings, armor, necklaces and tools that have gemsockets.

How to

  • To add an effect costs a Gem and LUX.
  • Each gem gives a different effect, check Gemstones
  • There is a 20% chance of failing the first effect, and 36% chance of failing for the second. If you fail, you will lose the LUX and the gemstone will break.

Price to upgrade:

  • (item.level/30) = Lux needed
  • Price to upgrade rings: 50 LUX (fixed)

In order to enchant your weapons, you must first go the Blacksmith and add a gemsocket.

In order to be able to visit Primeval, you must first complete The Land Above quest.

Bulbgraph.png If you have an active quest, talking Theodora will not work.

Gem Enchantment Recommendations 

Sapphire- for extra xp if you intend to spend points on strength for weapon upgrades.

Emerald- if you're level 1000+ and want extra gold.

Amethyst- for extra defense. Mainly for dungeons.