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Runes are used to teleport the respective location of each rune. They are mostly used for efficiency at higher levels.

You can use a rune simply by typing #!use <rune name>. However, Runes are single use consumables, meaning 1 rune = 1 use.

List of Runes

How to Get

Runes are craftable items, however, each rune must be crafted at their respective altars.

Ie. Silverkeep Rune = Must be crafted at Silverkeep Altar

Runes need 1 Knotted Mesh, 3 Essence (of whichever rune you are crafting), and 50,000g to craft.

You can find the essence of each rune by mining at the Altars.

More Information

  • By default, you are able to carry 25 runes at once. However, you are able to upgrade your rune slot amount by buying from Peter at Sanctum of Serenity, Primeval.
  • You can view all the runes you currently have in your inventory with the #!rune command.