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Follow these steps below to get started.

1. Creating Character

Type #!stats to create your character.

2. Assigning Attributes

Each level, you get 5 Attributes! Assign your attributes using #!assign <attribute> <amount>

For best results, assign your first 150 points to strength, and the rest to xpboost

3. Start Adventuring


Start your adventure to gain XP, rewards, and gold.

Type #!adventure or simply #!adv. Once you kill a mob, you will get XP to level up and gold to use.

Side Activities

You can #!forage to find items you are able to sell. Once you have enough gold, you can #!buy pickaxe and #!buy axe to be able to also do the #!mine and #!chop side activities!

At level 5 you can #!buy fishing rod to be able to #!fish

You can only do #!fish, #!forage, #!chop and #!Mine every 5 minutes.

You can also check out #!plant and #!trap at later levels

Checking Inventory

Type #!inv to see what you have.

4. Healing

Type #!heal or #!heal auto to keep yourself alive.

You can buy more health potions using #!buy health potion <amount>

Type #!pheal or #!pheal auto to keep your pet alive.

5. Catching Pets

As of the updating of this guide, it is not necessary to catch a new pet. So keep your pet Rock!

You can level up your pet rock by setting the xp to go to your pet using #!pset xprate 100

More info on pets here!

6. Shopping

Type #!items to look at the normal shop items. You can #!buy items from here, and also #!sell your items.

However, you can get more gold if you sell your items on the global market.

More Information

You can find all commands here, more activities to do here, and a more in depth guide here.

Check out the different links to find more information. Short updated guide by Alsatian#0805