Meditative Magic

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There's something magical about these stones.

Meditative Magic
There's something magical about these stones.
Level 20
Starts At Silverkeep Altar
Started By Rune Guru
XP 500
Gold 500
Quest Points 1
Items Silverkeep Rune


A Meditation Session

Items Required: None

In order to start the quest, talk to the Rune Guru at the Silverkeep Altar, and tell him you want to learn how to meditate.

Once the dialog is done, he'll ask you to travel to Copperfall summit.

Meeting the monk.

Items Required: None

Travel to Copperfall summit and talk to the Copperfall Monk, who will ask you to find the Hidden Jewels.

Finding the Jewels.

Items Required: None

In order to find the jewel, use the search command.

Pretty flowers!

Items Required: A Lotus Blossom

Once you've got the Lotus Blossom, talk to the Copperfall Monk again, then return to the Rune Guru.

More meditation

Items Required: None

Once you've returned to the Rune Guru, follow along with the dialog until you're promted to mine for 5 Silver Essence.

Altar knowledge.

Items Required: 5 Silver Essence

Once you've got the essence, talk to the Rune Guru and follow along once again.

Crafting Runes.

Items Required: 50,000 Gold

Talk to the Rune Guru again, and follow along in the dialog, he'll eventually ask you for a Knotted Mesh.

Grabbing the rune.

Items Required: A Knotted Mesh

Once you've got the knotted mesh, talk to the Rune Guru for the last time, and follow along the dialog for the last time.

Quest Complete!