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Lux is another form of currency you can get besides gold.

Obtaining Lux

Lux is currently only obtainable by doing a task from Alex in Lemontree Plaza.

Bulbgraph.png In order to unlock Primeval as a whole, you have to do a quest, The Land Above, which is located in Tower of Eternity, a Southern town in the kingdom of Sariila. After you completed the quest, you'll be allowed to access the first town in Primeval, named Buckleport.

Spending Lux

You can spend your lux in a variety of ways.

  • Buying an effects potion from Matilda at the Sick Dahlia.
  • Enchanting your tools from Theodora the Enchantress at Bibliothecam Magnam.
  • Installing sockets from Urist at Redhorn (in order to enchant your tool).
  • Buying a field at Lemontree Plaza.
  • Increasing rune capacity from Peter at the Sanctum of Serinity.
  • Buying items from Felix at Lemontree Plaza.