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A Dungeon is a mini game that is located in certain locations. The primary benefit of doing dungeons is to find gemstones, which you can then use to enchant your tools.

Level Requirement: Level 25

Dungeon Commands

#!dungeon is the command used to start, resume or check the status of your current dungeon.

Command Format: #!dungeon <start/resume/status>

Cooldown: 30 Seconds

Dungeon Instructions

Now how do you do dungeons? Keep reading to find out.

The first thing you want to do is to travel to a location that has a dungeon! The locations with a dungeon are:

  • Redhorn Dungeon

Bulbgraph.png Remember to fully heal yourself and your pet before you enter a dungeon.

Begin your dungeon by typing #!dungeon start once you are at a dungeon location. You will have to pay the dungeon fee in order to get in.

Wait for your dungeon to load. This is what the important symbols mean in a dungeon:

& is where you are/your player.

@ is your entrance.

? are unknown surroundings (such as: mobs !, chests *, stairs 0).

Reactions will also show under your dungeon. Each button in a dungeon means:


From here, all you need to do is move around using the arrow keys, battle or flee from mobs, open chests to get junk or gemstones, and use the stairs to go deeper into the dungeon! Take the stairs using the checkmark to go to the next floor, or the circle button to leave.


Mimics are mobs that only spawn in dungeons, which have a 10% chance of replacing and mimicking the chests.

These mobs can not be ignored and must be battled. They also have the same chance of dropping gems as normal chests.

Dungeon Inventory

While you are in a dungeon, you may only use the items you find while inside it. To check your dungeon inventory, you can use the command #!dinv

Cooldown: 10 Seconds

Dungeon Chests

On every dungeon floor, there will be a maximum amount of 4 chests, including mimics.

There are three types of chests: Health Potion Chest, Dud Chest, and Gem chest.

In a Health Potion chest, you will receive health potions.

In a Dud Chest, you will receive Salt or Lemons.

In a Gem Chest, there is a 7% chance of getting a gem and 93% chance for Rocks.

There is also a 1/1000 chance of finding a treasure room, in which there will be a larger maximum amount of chests you might find.

More Information

  • You CANNOT do side activities in a dungeon! (#!mine, #!forage, #!chop, #!fish)
  • Dungeon fee is calculated using (25000+50*Level^1.5).
  • You can get lemons, salt, health potions, gold, xp and most importantly gemstones as your reward.
  • If you die while in a dungeon you lose all the items, gems, xp and gold you would have received.