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In this quest, you must obtain an Ice Whale Fin for Angler Dave.

  • Starts At: Rivermouth
  • Started By: Angler Dave
  • Requireemnts: Level 25
  • Rewards:
    • Angler's Rod
    • 3000 Gold
    • 2500 XP
    • 1 Quest Point



  1. Travel to Rivermouth
  2. Talk to Angler Dave
  3. Gather 7 Freshwater Fish, 3 Crabs and 1 Octopus (Note - You can buy these)
  4. Ensure that you do not have an active adventure THEN Talk to Angler Dave
  5. Catch 4 Tunas at Mournstead
  6. Talk to Angler Dave
  7. Go to Frostridge shore and talk to Angler John
  8. Get a Ice Whale Fin by defeating whales in Frostridge Shore
  9. Go to Rivermouth and and talk to Angler Dave