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Possible Upgrade

  • 1. For Damage - Upgrades weapon damage.
  • 2. For Effects - gives an item special effects.


Talk to Urist the Blacksmith in order to open up a menu to choose what kind upgrade you want.

For Damage

  • Adding damage upgrade will make your weapon heavier, thus needing strength attribute in order to wield it. Using #!item <item name> on an upgraded weapon will show you the Strength Required.
  • There is no max for this upgrade.
  • Formula for strength required for upgrades: 15 * # of upgrades

For Effects

  • After adding a Gem Socket, you can go to Theodora the Enchantress to enchant your weapon, armor, tool, ring or necklace.
  • There is a maximum of 2 sockets per item.
  • There is a 20% chance of the first socket failing, and 36% chance for the second. You will only lose the gold and are able to try again.

Bulbgraph.png You will need to unequip or have at least one upgradeable item in your inventory, as well as have no active quest, otherwise talking to both NPCs will not work