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Attributes increase the benefits you get from different activities. In Discord Dungeons, there exists several different attributes, as shown below.

To view which attributes you have put your points into, use the command #!attributes or #!attribs

Cooldown: 10 Seconds

 * XP Boost - Affects XP from adventuring
 * Gold Boost - Affects gold from adventuring
 * Criticals - Affects critical hit rate
 * Reaping - Affects planting
 * Salvaging - Affects trapping
 * Strength - Affects damage dealt; Enables weapon upgrades
 * Lumber Boost - Affects chopping
 * Mine Boost - Affects mining
 * Defense - Affects damage taken
 * Scavenging - Affects foraging
 * Taming - Affects Catching

Unsure which stat builds to do or not sure which stats to assign points with? Here is the most recommended stat build to follow at the moment:

* A build focused on Strength and XP Boost.
* A build focused on XP Boost.

Old Attributes

Before the most recent attribute system, there only used to be four attributes:

Strength, Defense, Charisma, and Luck