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The Strength attribute increases the damage you do in #!adventure

Formula: +1 dmg = x/10 points

For each level you get 5 attribute points, so that would mean 1 damage increase for every two levels, if you invest them all in strength.

It is currently recommended to start with strength first 12 levels because of the Blacksmith damage upgrades.
12 levels worth of attribute points mean 60 points in strength, meaning +100% possible damage with blacksmith upgrades (done with ingame money).
The Claws weapon for level 12 does 18 - 25 dmg by itself. The Claws +4 (4 dmg upgrades at the blacksmith) mean 36 to 50 dmg. +6 dmg from the str bonus = 42 to 56 dmg.
That means you are killing mobs 2.33 times faster.

Other Attributes

 * XP Boost
 * Gold Boost
 * Criticals
 * Reaping
 * Salvaging
 * Strength
 * Lumber Boost
 * Mine Boost
 * Defense
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