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Bulbgraph.png This page has the UPDATED information from the #faq channel of the official DRPG Server, excluding questions pertaining to the server and not the bot

Is this a D&D bot/server?

A: No this is not a D&D server, yes this server comes up when you search for it on google but that is a mistake. This server is for DiscordRPG not D&D, if you seek D&D try Discord Tabletop.

Are the cooldown timers going to be lowered or removed?

Can I lower the cooldown on my server? Can I remove my cooldowns?

A. Nope and never.

How do I get unbanned from the bot? Unban me please.

A. Direct Message a Bot Hunter in the Official DRPG Server.

The bot is emitting an error saying DiscordAPIError: Missing Permissions at...

A: Make sure that the bot has the following permissions:

  • Embed Links
  • Manage Messages
  • Add Reactions
  • Manage Nicknames

How do I change the prefix #!?

A. #!setprefix <prefix>

I am using Aldebaran, how do I-

A. Stop right there, Aldebaran is a third party bot so you should ask in their Support server.

The bot says I don't have the item I just bought?

A: Equipment bought from the shop (using #!buy) are automatically equipped, so check your stats and see if it is done already.

I sold my item on the global market but I didn't get my gold?

A. Do #!gmstop <trade-id>. It stops the trade and gives you the gold and any leftover items if there are any.

What are quest points, and what do i do with them?

A: Quest Points are there to show how many quest you have completed. As of now, they have no other use than the previous reason.

What does each stats do?

A: For complete info, refer to the Attributes page.

Which Stats should I put my points in?

A: Check here for a recommendation at the bottom.

Withdrawing Gold from guild

"I have deposited my gold to a guild, but I cannot withdraw it back!"

A: Make sure you are able to withdraw your gold from your guild before depositing. Only guild members with Elder or Owner rank can withdraw gold.

How to catch a pet?

A: Use #!catch after obtaining a butterfly net at level 5.

What is the chance of catching a pet?

A: The catch rate is (user.level*.5678) %, in other words, the higher level you are, the more likely you will succeed.

How do I get pet XP?

A. Do #!pset xprate 0-100 to give your pet xp.

How do I get ___ item?

A. Chances are if it's unbuyable it's a donator item, meaning it's not available for purchase

How do I fight a boss?

When will a boss spawn? Why cant I fight one? What is #!fightboss

A. Bosses are a feature that is currently being reworked, thus this feature has been disabled until further notice.