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The #!pset command is used to set pet variables.

Command Format: #!pset <variable> <value>



This variable affects your pet's name in the #!pet screen, as well as in battle.

#!pset name <16 characters maximum>


Level Requirement: 20

This variable affects how your pet's status screen will appear. There are two display options, one with purely plain text, the other with a colored band and space for an image.

#!pset display <1-2>


Level Requirement: 45

This variable only appears on Pet Display 2, as a vertical band that appears to the left of the pet's stats.

Note: This variable requires a desired color's hexadecimal value, so if you were to desire a red band next to your pet's stats, you would enter ff0000 into the <HEX color> field below.

#!pset displayColor <HEX color>


Level Requirement: 15

This variable only appears on Pet Display 2, as a picture in the top-right of the pet status screen. The URL linking to your desired image can be any length. Images must abide by Discord's Terms of Service.

#!pset image <URL to image>


This variable adjusts the percentage of XP your pet will receive after each battle.

#!pset xprate <0 - 100>


This variable sets a specified potion-type item as the item used when invoking the #!pheal command. By default, the Health Potion is set as the healing item.

#!pset HealItem <item>