Nova Starlight Absorber

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Nova Starlight Absorber
Nova Starlight Absorber
A mystical result of the combination between magic and nova technology that absorbs starlight and turns it into special materials.
ID 696
Level 250
Buy Price Unbuyable
Sell Price Unsellable
Obtainable From Crafting
Tradeable Yes
Type Trap


Nova Starlight Absorber

Level Requirement: 250

Fire Crystal + Air Crystal + Earth Crystal + Water Crystal + Gold Bar + 10x Nova Crystal + 2x Nova Power Cell = Nova Starlight Absorber


In order to use the trap, it needs to be set first. Then you leave the trap open for some time before you check it. When you check the trap, it's consumed, and can't be used again, but you'll get the loot.

  • Set the trap: #!trap set Nova Starlight Absorber
  • Check the trap: #!trap check


Items Remark
Ball of Wool None
Nova Moonstone None
Star Fragment None
Golden Feather None
Nova Crystal After 7 days