Bear Trap

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Bear Trap
Bear Trap
Don't step in it.
ID 73
Level 12
Buy Price Unbuyable
Sell Price 400g
Obtainable From Crafting
Tradeable Yes
Type Trap


Bear Trap

Level Requirement: 12

4x Iron Ingot + Plank = Bear Trap

Felix's Trap

Level Requirement: 50

Bear Trap + 2x Water Shard = Felix's Trap


In order to use the trap, it needs to be set first. Then you leave the trap open for some time before you check it. When you check the trap, it's consumed, and can't be used again, but you'll get the loot.

  • Set the trap: #!trap set bear trap
  • Check the trap: #!trap check


Items Remark
Balls of Wool None
Meat None
Raven Feather None
Golden Feather None
Bear After 7 days


  • As of 17th July 2016, the Bear Trap recipe has been changed from 12 Iron Ingots to 4 Iron Ingots + 1 Plank.