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Bulbgraph.png The NPC individual pages are currently a WIP.

NPC's are None Player Characters, located all around the DRPG World, which you can #!talk to for different features.

Name Kingdom Location Feature/s
Alabaster Illeria Silverkeep Quest Starter: Trick or Treat (expired)
Alex Primeval Lemontree Plaza Tasks Starter
Angler Dave Illeria Rivermouth Quest Starter: Fickle Fishing
Angler John Frostridge Frostridge Shore
Assistant Wendy Liriania Adventurer's Restaurant
Astrid Primeval Lemontree Plaza
Axhor Illeria Silverkeep
Bakari Sariila Scorched Desert
Bakoushi Sariila Bazaar of Lights Quest Starter: Bakoushis Bunny
Captain William Sariila Tower of Eternity Quest Starter: The Land Above
Catrina Primeval Buckleport
Chef Charles Liriania Adventurer's Restaurant Quest Starter: Baffling Baking

Quest Starter: Menu Specials

Clarck Primeval Bibliothecam Magnam
Copperfall Monk Illeria Copperfall Summit
Cupun Frostridge Frostridge Quest Starter: Exotic Eggnog
Dsian Illeria Dsian's House
Elizabeth Primeval The Sick Dahlia
Felix Primeval Lemontree Plaza NPC Shop
Gregory Primeval The Sick Dahlia
Hubert Primeval Sanctum of Serenity
James Primeval Bibliothecam Magnam
Jesie Primeval Nightmare's Haven
John Primeval The Sick Dahlia
Julian Primeval Maple Grove
Illyena Frostridge Blackburn Mountain
Isabelle Primeval Ashgate
Kadri Liriania Island of Desolation Quest Starter: Dragon Slayer
Khepri Sariila Sandy Tombs
Lapis Sariila Sariila Quest Starter: How to Keep a Mummy (expired)
Lost Wanderer Illeria Miree
Lumberjack Elliot Illeria Miree Quest Starter: Quest about wood
Madeleine Primeval Maple Grove
Maria Primeval Bibliothecam Magnam
Mathilda Primeval The Sick Dahlia NPC Shop
Merga Primeval The Sick Dahlia Quest Starter: Telling Tales
Mortimer Liriania Thornwood Quest Starter: Mystic Gravestone
Nadia Primeval Ashgate
Nanurjuk Frostridge Frostridge
Nathalie Primeval Buckleport
Nieves Frostridge Frostridge Quest Starter: The Cold North
Nightmare Primeval Nightmare's Haven
Oracle Illeria Copperfall Summit
Peter Primeval Sanctum of Serenity
PlayTheFallen Illeria Silverkeep
Pope Seth Illeria Temple of MOUKN Quest Starter: Cult of MOUKN
Pope Seth's Assistant Illeria Temple of MOUKN
Priest Illeria Copperfall Swamp
Rune Guru Illeria Silverkeep Altar Quest Starter: Meditative Magic
Scarlett Illeria Temple of MOUKN
Theodora the Enchantress Primeval Bibliothecam Magnam Enchanting
Tobin Frostridge Lake of 100 Winters Quest Starter: Quest for the Namazu
Tribesman Illeria Redhorn
Urist the Blacksmith Illeria Redhorn Blacksmith
Veiled Widow Illeria Haunted House
Wendell Illeria Black Hallows Graveyard Quest Starter: Spooktober Spectacle (expired)

NPCs with an orange link no longer exist.

NPCs with no link (in white), do not have a unique feature.

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