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Maps used in DRPG can be found here.

Location Market Access Level Requirement Members Only
Adventurer's Restaurant No  ? Yes
Ashgate No  ? No
Bibliothecam Magnam No  ? No
Blackburn Mountain No  ? No
Buckleport Yes 1 No
Copperfall Yes 1 No
Copperfall Altar No 25 No
Copperfall Summit No  ? No
Copperfall Swamp No 1 No
Dawnburg No  ? No
Dingerou Cavern No  ? No
Dsian's House Yes 1 No
Frostridge Yes  ? No
Frostridge Shore No 25 No
Lemontree Plaza Yes  ? No
Infernal Caverns No  ? Yes
Island Of Desolation No 25 Yes
Maple Grove No  ? No
Miree No  ? No
Mirror Isle No  ? No
Mournstead No 1 No
Nightmare's Haven Yes 500 No
Ravengate Yes  ? Yes
Redhorn No  ? No
Redhorn Dungeon No 25 No
Rivermouth Yes 1 No
Sanctum of Serenity No  ? No
Sandy Tomb No  ? No
Sariila No 25 No
Sariila Altar No  ? No
Scorched Desert No  ? No
Silverkeep Yes 1 No
Silverkeep Altar No 20 No
Temple of MOUKN No 10 No
The bazaar of lights Yes 25 Yes
The Sick Dahlia No  ? No
Thornwood No  ? Yes
Tower of Eternity No  ? No