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Membership Perks and Features

Once you buy membership, there is quite a few things that open up to you.

Exclusive Quests

Exclusive Locations

Exclusive Items

  • Bag: Crafted using Green Hide
  • Green Hide: Mob drop from Green Dragons in Island of Desolation
  • Green Hide Armor: Crafted using Green Hide
  • Erinotite Staff: Craftable at level 80
  • Life Crystal: Mob drop from Vampiric Demons in Thornwood Graveyard
  • Ectoplasm: Mob drop from Ghosts in Thornwood
  • Vampiric Dagger: Craftable at level 50
  • Ravengate Rune: Craftable at level 25; Used to teleport to Ravengate
  • Skull: using #!search at Thornwood Graveyard after Mystic Gravestone quest
  • Items from member quests

Bunny Paw: Defeat the Bunny on Fire in Bakoushi's Bunny quest

Bunny Stew/Roasted Bunny: Menu Specials quest

Business Card: Baffling Baking quest

Demonic Feather: Mystic Gravestone quest

Dragon Trophy: Dragon Slayer quest

Magic Wand: Bakoushi's Bunny quest

Santas Sack: No Sleigh Bells quest

Other Exclusives

  • Exclusive NPC's and Enemies

Green Dragon

Vampiric Demon