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Chef Charles made a restaurant but hasn't hired anyone, except for an assistant, to help him! Help him by finishing a day's worth of cooking until the chef can hire people.



  1. Travel to Adventurers Restaurant
  2. Talk to Chef Charles
  3. Talk to Assistant Wendy
  4. Craft a Veggie Burger(Veggie Burger => 1 Carrot + 2 Bread + 1 Potato + 1 Bottle of Olive Oil)
  5. Talk to Assistant Wendy
  6. Use [#!search] to find the oil spatula
  7. Craft a hamburger(Hamburger => 2 bread + 1 Ham)
  8. Talk to Assistant Wendy
  9. Talk to Chef Charles
  10. Choose between Roasted Bunny or Bunny Stew