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In Discord Dungeons, there are other activities besides adventuring.

Some activities reward the players with XP and skill points, increasing their level and skill levels.

Certain activities require specific items, and certain activities are not considered skills and therefore no skill points will be obtained.

 * Mining
 * Chopping
 * Fishing
 * Foraging
 * Planting
 * Trapping


User also gets rewards besides the items gained from respective side activities.
The rewards are XP and skill XP.
The XP and skill XP gained are calculated as below:

let minXP = Math.round(Math.sqrt((Math.sqrt(level)*0.25)*Common.rInt(5, 10) / 2));
let maxXP = Math.round(Math.sqrt((Math.sqrt(level)*0.25)*Common.rInt(10, 15) / 2));

let minSkillXP = Math.round(Math.sqrt((Math.sqrt(skillLevel)*0.25)*Common.rInt(5, 10) / 2));
let maxSkillXP = Math.round(Math.sqrt((Math.sqrt(skillLevel)*0.25)*Common.rInt(10, 15) / 2));

let xp = Common.rInt(minXP, maxXP);
let skillXP = Common.rInt(minSkillXP, maxSkillXP);


Cooldown: 600 Seconds

You can search your surroundings in the location you are at using #!search

This command is primarily used in quests.