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    • Welcome to Discord Dungeons official Wiki!**

You can find important links at the end of this page, for example the bot invite or official server invite.

Commands will mostly be shown like this **<parameter>** in this wiki, do not use the < > brackets in the actual game!

Official Discord Dungeons Discord Server

[[1]] have both client and a browser version!\\ If you are interested in joining the official Discord Dungeons Discord Server, here is the [Discord Server Invite].

The official Discord Dungeons Server has a decent amount of text channels, and certain rules are applied to keep everything clean and structured.

If you joined the official Discord Dungeons Discord Server, for example using the provided link on this wiki homepage, you will find yourself in the #tavern text channel.\\ Please note in #tavern you cannot use any Discord Dungeons commands unless if you are an admin.

In the #info text channel, you can find all the external links posted on this wiki homepage.

For the #announcements text channel, you can see various information about Discord Dungeons or some other topics.

The #rules text channel shows you a couple of rules and the £rooms or tagbot rooms command.\\ The command allows you to see the text channels' purpose and rules.

Starter Guide

Need help with starting your journey at Discord Dungeons? Check out our newly revised Starter Guide!\\ It will teach you the essential things you need to know about this game!\\

Wiki Links

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Game related:

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 * Commands
 * Bosses
 * Experience Table
 * Guilds
 * Items
 * Pets
 * Quests
 * Shop
 * Side Activities
 * Starter Guide
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 * Changelogs

Alternatively, you could check the sitemap

External Links

 * Discord
 * Website
 * API Docs
 * Reddit
 * Twitter
 * Steam Group
 * Android App (Deprecated)
 * Invite the Bot to your server