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Editing the Wikipedia of Discord Dungeons

We would like to have the same layout style in all pages. Therefore, a list of rules is necessary to make some standards.


 - The "Home" page of the wiki will always be the standard page for all other pages.
 - Use headline level 1 only for the title of each page.
 - Always decrease the level of the headlines by one if you want to subdivide the topic.
 - After you start a new level 2 headline, make a horizontal rule to create a visual structure.** Do not make any horizontal rule between lower level headlines!**  Example: - - - - (Do not make extra spaces between the dashes like in this example!)
 - Highlight commands like this and add parameters in brackets using a bold font like **[this]**. 
 - Please mention what changes you made everytime you commit changes
Template for Items

Templates can be found here: Template

Template for Locations

Location Name

Item description here! Does have market access. / Does not have market access.


  * Insert Kingdom here

^ Location ^ Travel Time ^ Market Access ^ Cost ^ | Location here | Time here | Yes or No | Cost here |


  * NPCs here (If none, put None.)


Here a link to mediawiki for the syntax used on this wiki.\\\\

Old wiki

For ease of access for wiki editors the link to the old wiki: