Western Tales

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Quest: Western Tales

Required: Level 100, Aeston access, Primeval access, Frostridge access, Mine level 30+, 10+ Lux. There is a lot of traveling in this quest.

Jack will ask you for help - he needs some ice-water only found in Frostridge.

He asks for 3 Flask of Ice-Water from Oliver.

Optional: While you're close to Primeval, go to The Sick Dahlia and talk to Mathilda. Purchase 5 Vodka Bottle. You will need these later.

Also optional: Consider planting a Sugar Beet Seed somewhere.

  • Travel to Frostridge and talk to Oliver.

Ask him for 3 flasks of ice-water.

He will tell you that some thugs have stolen the water.

Oliver will tell you what he knows - so long as you promise to get back his stolen jewelry.

Talk to the Smart Thug.

He will tell you about his safe and riddles.

  • Talk to the Smart Thug to start the riddles. You can figure them out, but the answers are listed below.
  1. Where is AD before BC, tomorrow before yesterday, and the eight is first? Answer has 10 letters. Answer: dictionary
  2. Explain in what way the following equation is true. 7 + 9 = 4. Answer has 4 letters. Answer: time
  3. What was the code that opened the puzzle piece in Merga's quest? Answer: 420 (See Telling Tales)
  • Talk to the Smart Thug again. You will get 3 pieces of Oliver's Jewelry.
  • Travel to Frostridge Tavern and talk to Thug Brute.

Through slurred speech, he will tell you he wants some items.

  1. 5 Limoncello Bottle (This is where the Vodka you bought earlier and the sugar beets you planted help)
  2. 2 Gold Bar
  3. 1 Onyx Gemstone

Note: it may take a while to get Gold Ore from Dingerou cavern. This should allow time for your beet seeds to grow.

  • Once you have everything, talk to Thug Brute. He will give you 3 pieces of Oliver's Jewelry and 5 Ice-Water Flasks.
  • Travel to Blackburn mountain and talk to Thug Leader.
  • Use $adventure to kill the Thug Leader's Empowered Thugs. You will need 30 pieces of Oliver's Jewelry, so you need to kill about 24.
  • Once you have enough, talk to Thug Leader again. Use $adventure again to defeat the Thug Leader.

He will drop Glimmering Purple Key. You will need this later.

  • Once you have defeated Thug Leader, to talk him again. He will tell you he hid the flasks - no matter, use $search to find them.
  • Talk to Thug Leader again and he will be salty, but you don't need him anymore.
  • Return to Oliver in Frostridge and talk to him. He'll tell you to keep the water and return to Cowboy Jack in Scorched desert.
  • Once you've arrived in the Desert, talk to Cowboy Jack.

He'll tell you to go to Firebend keep and talk to Cowboy Callie.

Read through her dialogue, at the end she'll give you a code to crack - a bunch of lines and dashes.

The code is in Morse Code. This is what it says: whats the answer to life the universe and everything.

This is a reference to The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. The answer to the question is 42.

  • Once you've cracked the code, use the Glimmering Purple Key from the Thug Leader to open the safe.

Inside will be 3 types of stones. Red (Ruby), blue (Sapphire), and dark green (Emerald or Jade, I'm not sure. I picked red). Check Gemstones and pick the one you want.

Quest complete!