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This user is actually an incantation of a Pywikibot controlled by User:Holroy. As such discuss stuff related to the bot and edits done by the bot on User_talk:Holroy.

Currently the bot is in charge of updating the following set of pages:

  • Recipe/<item-name> – Gives a one-liner on how to create a given item
  • Recipe/using/<item-name> – A table with all recipes where the item either is the end goal or part of the recipe. (To be transcluded on the item page)
  • <item-name>/base – The auto-generated version of the Template:Itembox for any given item. (To be transcluded on the item page)
  • Idlist – A complete list of all items

Bulbgraph.png <item-name> is used as a place holder for all items updated by script

Bulbgraph.png The bot is only run manually by User:Holroy