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I'm just this guy you know, wanting to make this wiki site better. This is plan to do by automating some of the updating of pages with information directly fetched from the game itself, through the use of the official API, a self developed discord bot, and a wikipedia bot named Pywikibot.

In addition to the initiatives below, I've also got a Sandbox (see also Sandbox/Recipes and [[Sandbox/ItemTypes, and some links within my user space.

Play related

A few(?) page(s) related to actually playing the game:

On discord I'm known as holroy#4637 (Id: 244943541732638721)


Here are some of my larger initiatives on this Wiki, organised by the status of the initiatives. See also my backlog and completed initiatives.

Current or Ongoing

The current main focus for me is to get the pages related to Items up to date, so all the following are related to this major goal.

  • Create Template:ItemLink (Status: Completed 2019-03-12) – Create a template so that we can link to any item using something like {{Itemlink|Spear of Indra}}. In order for images to work, this most likely also includes the subtask of creating redirects from a File media link to the actual image used by the item. Result: Have made a update_redirect script, and the actual template Template:ItemLink
  • Establish a base structure for item pages (Status: Almost complete) – Find a good way to organise each item page, so that it's easy to update automatically. Result so far: Create a sub-page, like Spear of Indra/base, which will be recreated automatically by the bot, which holds the Template:Itembox template, and the categories related to the item.
  • Correct item page names (Status: Completed 2019-03-14) – Make sure that items are actually named (with correct case) accordingly to the official name of the item. This involved traversing the Category:Items and/or Idlist page, and compare towards the all items list. Then, the process of actually moving these pages can be begin. Result so far: Have moved all the lowercase name into the official names.
  • Rework Idlist page (Status: Completed 2019-03-04) – Make this an automated page as well. Not sure how, could be as easy as transcluding a base page, and allow a few extra trivia points and so on. Result: Made first a version with ItemLink, but it was too expensive with all those items in one page, so I then made a script to populate the entire table with direct file links (and a notice on this being auto-generated.
  • Update Template:ItemBox (Status: Completed 2019-03-20) – The first version was very expensive, and had an issue when wanting to use alternate link names. Result: Removed the expensive #ifexist: parser function, and with an additon to MediaWiki:Common.css, and a few other changes, the template is now a lot better.

  • Consider making exception table for items (Status: Completed 2019-04-01) – It turns out that adding the missing images, might be difficult as neither admins nor normal users can upload/move images. So maybe I should make an exception table for the missing images, as they seem to have been uploaded with a different name then used in-game. This would require locating old- and new name, and make the table.
  • Create Recipe/<item> and Recipe/using/<item> pages (Statue: Completed 2019-04-03) … Collate information on the various recipes, and present these in two sets of pages one for a given item, and one where the item is an ingredient.
  • Prepare creation of base sub-page programatically (Status: Completed 2019-04-30) – Although I've got the structure, and the cached item data, I need to do some preparation before the pages can be created:
    • 🆗 Create names2id tables.
    • 🆗 Transform recipes to be ID-dependent, and not names dependent
    • 🆗 Build _part-of_ table, listing which items is included in which recipe.
    • 🆗 Create a function to determine where and if the item is obtainable, like shop if buyable, crafting if end-point of recipe, mining if ore, fishing if fish item, and so on.
    • 🆗 Complete the itembox template with this latest information
  • Create all the base pages (Status: Completed 2019-04-30) – Create each and every sub-page for all of the 745 items from the game.
  • Strip/transform current item page to match new structure (Status: Next action) – Traverse all existing pages, and do the transclusion of the base sub-page, remove itembox template and categories, and clean up the page, so that it fits with the system.
  • Consider reworking the Items map page to be automated (Status: Todo) – Consider automating either the main items map page, or the main category pages, or making sub-pages for the various item categories to make sure they always are up to date. Having so many links to items, it will need some thinking in order not to be a time hog.
  • Create cache system for locations (Status: Ongoing) – Using Blargbot I'm creating a system where all players can cache information on locations, so that my bot can use this information to automate information about locations. (And in due time, use something similar to cache information on commands and/or recipes (and maybe even quests?!))

On hold

None initiatives are on hold, so far.

Completed Initiatives

The initiatives on this page are mostly completed (aka not being worked on anymore), whilst the backlog and current initiatives holds those I want to work or are working on.

  • Install, configure and connect Pywikibot (Status: Completed 2019-03-09) – After searching and talking to Mackan, I've installed, configured and connected the Pywikibot to be able to do edits programmatically. Result: I've been able to do some changes to Spear of Indra using the bot, and created Spear of Indra/base as a template for what to come.
  • Connect to Discord API (Status: Completed 2019-03-09) – Establish a connection to the Discord Dungeon API, and extract some data from it. Result: In my personal bot, I've now connected and extracted information on all items and various other tidbits.