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Template documentation[view] [edit] [history] [purge]
  • name
    • The name of the item
  • description
    • The description of the item
  • image
    • The item image
  • ID
    • The items ID
  • level
    • The level the item is
  • damage
    • The damage the item does if it's a weapon
      • Format as min - max
  • cost
    • The gold the item costs to buy
      • If the item is unbuyable, put unbuyable
  • sell
    • The gold the item sells for
      • If the item is unsellable, put unsellable
  • obtainable
    • How the item is obtained
      • If the item is unobtainable, put unobtainable
  • tradeable
    • If the item can be traded (Yes/No)
  • craftable
    • If the item is craftable (Yes/No)
  • effect
    • The effect the item has
  • type
    • The type the item is
  • minelevel
    • The mining level needed to mine the item
  • fishlevel
    • The fishing level needed to fish the item
  • foragelevel
    • The forage level needed to forage the item
  • choplevel
    • The chopping level needed to chop the item
  • donator
    • If the item is a donator item (Yes/No)
  • members
    • If the item is a members-only item (Yes/No)