The Cold North

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In the third quest introduced into the game, you help Nieves find the cause of a few missing travelers.

The Cold North
Level 25
Starts At Frostridge
Started By Nieves
XP 200
Gold 300
Quest Points 1
Items A Yeti Hair


The Cold North

Items Required: None

To begin the quest, talk to Nieves at Frostridge. He will ask you to investigate missing adventurers, accept his task to continue.

The Investigation

Items Required: None

Travel to Blackburn Mountain and talk to Illyena. She will explain what tragedy struck the adventurers that night, and will ask you to help investigate. Help Illyena investigate by using the #!search command.

Finding a Clue and the Culprit

Items Required: Yeti Hair

Talk to Illyena again to show her the Yeti hair. A Yeti will appear that you have to defeat! Defeat the Yeti using #!adventure. The Yeti will drop Yeti Hair after you defeat it.

Safe and Sound

Items Required: None

Once you have defeated the Yeti, talk to Illyena, she will thank you for your efforts.

Quest Complete!