Fire Crystal

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Fire Crystal
Fire Crystal
Infused with even more fire power.
ID 102
Level 25
Buy Price Unbuyable
Sell Price 2,015 Gold
Obtainable From Crafting
Tradeable Yes
Type Dummy


Fire Crystal

Level Requirement: 25

16x Fire Shard = Fire Crystal

Fire Key

Level Requirement: 31

8x Iron Ingot + 2x Fire Crystal = Fire Key

Leptocite Pickaxe

Level Requirement: 40

4x Fire Crystal + 9x Leptocite Ingot + Zinc Ingot + Brass Ingot + 2x Maple Log + Steel Pickaxe + Ash Log + 3x Poplar Log = Leptocite Pickaxe

Erinotite Staff

Members Only

Level Requirement: 80

2x Iron Ingot + 5x Coal + 4x Fire Crystal + 4x Air Crystal + 10x Erinotite Ingot = Erinotite Staff

Nova Starlight Absorber

Level Requirement: 250

Fire Crystal + Air Crystal + Earth Crystal + Water Crystal + Gold Bar + 10x Nova Crystal + 2x Nova Power Cell = Nova Starlight Absorber


  • Of the elemental crystals, the Fire Crystal is used the most in crafting recipes.
  • Peculiarly, the Fire Crystal's sell price is 5 Gold higher than the other elemental crystals.