Leptocite Pickaxe

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Leptocite Pickaxe
It's a leptocite pickaxe used to mine rocks.
ID 398
Level 40
Buy Price Unbuyable
Sell Price Unsellable
Obtainable From Crafting
Tradeable Yes
Craftable Yes
Effect Itemboost +8, Skill XP boost +5%
Type Pickaxe
Mining level 30


Leptocite Pickaxe

Level Requirement: 40

4x Fire Crystal + 9x Leptocite Ingot + Zinc Ingot + Brass Ingot + 2x Maple Log + Steel Pickaxe + Ash Log + 3x Poplar Log = Leptocite Pickaxe


  • The Leptocite Pickaxe and the Leptocite Axe are the only publicly-accessible tools to grant a Skill XP Boost.