How to Keep a Mummy

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Halloween quest of 2018

How to Keep a Mummy
Level ?
Starts At Sariila
Started By Lapis
XP 500
Gold 1000
Quest Points 1
Items A Mummy

Bulbgraph.png This Quest has expired since 1st November 2018



Items Required: None

Talk to Lapis at Sariila about the wanted ad that was posted, she will explain to you that she is an archaeologist and she fears her team might have been cursed, and she wants you to check it out for her! Travel to the Scorched Desert and talk to Bakari.

Sandy Tombs

Items Required: None

Bakari will tell you to go check out the Sandy Tomb for yourself, it really is cursed he says. Once you reach the Sandy Tombs, talk to Khepri who is waiting, you must defeat Khepri in an #!adventure to prove your worth! Khepri will drop a Khepri's Fang once you defeat him.

Ancient Fang

Items Required: Khepri's Fang

Talk to Khepri after defeating them in a battle, you may now venture further into the tomb.

You travel further into the darkness only to find yourself standing inside a dimly lit tomb next to a large sarcophagus. The casket begins to shake violently as if something is trying to escape, taking a step back as you prepare for the worst. The lid breaks free and as you stare in horror and mild shock you find the coffin to be empty. Confused you turn to Khepri who is bowing, giving another look your eyes venture down only to see a tiny little mummy at your feet.

Quest Complete!