No Sleigh Bells are Ringing

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Membership Christmas Quest 2019. This quest sends you to the far lands of Liriania and into Ravengate to once again help the elves you helped in frostridge! They crashed their sleigh somewhere in the Primeval Lagoon and need your help fixing it.

It is required to have completed the Naughty or Nice Elves quest in order to start this quest.

No Sleigh Bells are Ringing
Members Christmas Quest 2019
Level 30
Starts At Ravengate
Started By Senior Elf YunYun
XP 1,500
Gold 5,000
Quest Points 1
Items [Santas Sack]]

Bulbgraph.png This Quest has expired since 6th January 2020


Broken Down Sleigh

Items Required: None

To begin the sequel christmas quest, make your way to Ravengate and talk to Senior Elf YunYun. You remember her from Frostridge and ask her what shes doing in Ravengate. She explains that they crashed the sleigh, agree to help her repair it and follow her to Primeval Lagoon!

The Lagoon

Items Required: None

Once you arrive at Primeval Lagoon, talk to Senior Elf YunYun who is waiting for you. She inspects the sleigh and tells you everything you need to repair the sleigh. The Elves needs 4 Cogwheels, 5 Nut and Bolts, 3 Springs, 1 Gauge, and 10 Iron Ingots!

Sleigh Repair

Items Required: 4 Cogwheels, 5 Nut and Bolts, 3 Springs, 1 Gauge, and 10 Iron Ingots

Talk to Senior Elf YunYun with the materials required to fix the sleigh. She thanks you, however they need a new Santas Sack! Gather 1 Bag, 1 String, and 1 Crystal Cluster.

Magical Sack

Items Required: 1 Bag, 1 String, and 1 Crystal Cluster

Talk to Senior Elf YunYun again with the materials she asked for, she starts up the sleigh, however it isn't floating. Turns out they lost their Cryptogram Booklet to figure out the cryptic message to give the Sleigh the magic it needs, I wonder who has it?

Cryptic Messages

Items Required: None

Talk to Senior Elf YunYun again and help solve the message! Use the #!read command in order to read the Cryptogram Booklets contents, and solve the message! Once you have correctly solved the message, the sleigh will begin to float!

Spoiler: Solution to Cryptic Message

The cryptic message has the letters in order to spell: R U D O L P H

Elves Gifts

The Elves thank you for your help! They give you their old santas sack that needed replacing and offer you one of their wrapped presents!

Your choices: Round Present, Square Present, Small Present, Large Present

Currently Known:

Round Present: 3x Sapphire

Square Present: 3x Ruby Gemstone

Small Present: 3x Emerald Gemstone

Large Present: 3x Gold Ore

Quest Completed!