Naughty or Nice Elves

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Christmas Quest 2019. This quest sends you to the cold regions of Frostridge to help the Elves best the mysterious Green Santa Clone before its too late!

Naughty or Nice Elves
Christmas Quest 2019
Level 30
Starts At Frostridge Tavern
Started By Junior Elf
XP 1,500
Gold 5,000
Quest Points 1
Items [Garland Garden Shears]]

Bulbgraph.png This Quest has expired since 6th January 2020


Unhappy Elves

Items Required: None

To begin the quest, make your way to Frostridge Tavern. A Junior Elf is crying at the tavern and needs your help! Talk to him and agree to help him with his friends, what kind of adventurer wouldn't? He will tell you his friends are in need of help at Blackburn Mountain.

Top Elf Knoot

Items Required: None

Travel to Blackburn Mountain and talk to Top Elf Knoot, he is scared and wants your help! He tells you about this Green Santa Clone who is turning all the elves into evil minions, agree to help Top Elf Knoot and stop the Clone!

You will need an Enhanced Key to enter the Mountain Lair where the Clone is hiding, go talk to the Triplet Trolls at Mirror Isle to get some crafting supplies.

Trolls and Puzzles

Items Required: None

Once you traveled to Mirror Isle, talk to the Triplet Trolls and solve their puzzles. If you get all Puzzles correct, you will get Green Dust used to craft an Enchanced Key! Once you have completed the puzzles, craft the key and go back to Top Elf Knoot.

Spoiler: Solutions to all Three Puzzles ->

Puzzle 1: Countdown | Why: The word "Count" is going "down", and the arrow pointing down.

Puzzle 2: No I In Team | Why: Cancelled out "I", "in" the word "team"

Puzzle 3: Blue Moon | Why: Word "Moon" is colored "Blue"

Enhanced Keys

Items Required: Enhanced Key

Travel back to Blackburn Mountain and talk to Top Elf Knoot, he will use your Enhanced Key to open the Mountain Lair door. All you have to do now is defeat the Green Santa Clone!

Who is it?

Items Required: None

Travel to the Mountain Lair and talk to the Green Santa Clone, he doesn't want you meddling in his business. Defeat him using #!adv and save the elves from his clutches! Once you defeat him, he will tell you who he is... it's the Grinch! He disappears and leaves behind a booklet.

The elves thank you and give you a gift for saving them.

Quest Complete!