Gold Bar

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Gold Bar
Gold Bar
Shiny and valuable
ID 148
Level 1
Buy Price Unbuyable
Sell Price Unsellable
Obtainable From Crafting
Tradeable Untradeable
Type Dummy


Gold Bar

Level Requirement: 30

x10 Coal + 4x Gold Ore = Gold Bar

Nova Starlight Absorber

Level Requirement: 250

Fire Crystal + Air Crystal + Earth Crystal + Water Crystal + Gold Bar + 10x Nova Crystal + 2x Nova Power Cell = Nova Starlight Absorber

Golden Small Dagger

Level Requirement: 350

Small Dagger + 10x Golden Feather + 2x Gold Bar + 100,000 Gold = Golden Small Dagger

Spirit crystal

Level Requirement: 100

Gold Bar + 40x Stardust = 4x Spirit Crystal

Cybernetic Nova Core

Level Requirement: 500

10x Iron Ingot + 2x Enhancing Stone + Gold Bar + Copper Ingot + Zinc Ingot + 2x Nova Crystal + 10x Nova Power Cell = Cybernetic Nova Core