Small Dagger

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Small Dagger
A small basic dagger.
Released? (edit)
Members? (edit)
Donator item? (edit)
Buy PriceUnbuyable
Sell PriceUnsellable
Brewable? (edit)
Damage1 - 5


Small Dagger

Level Requirement: 25

Dagger blade + Dagger handle = Small Dagger

Vampiric Dagger (members only - because of Life Crystals)

Level Requirement: 50

4 String String + 3 Life Crystal + Dagger blade + Dagger Handle = 1 Vampiric Dagger

Nova Dagger

Level Requirement: 70

1 Small Dagger Small Dagger + Iron Ingot Iron Ingot + 2 Nova Crystal Nova Crystal + 12,000 Gold = 1 Nova Dagger Nova Dagger

Golden Small Dagger

Level Requirement: 350

Small Dagger Small Dagger + 10 Golden Feather Golden Feather + 2 Gold Bar Gold Bar + 100,000 Gold = 1 Golden Small Dagger Golden Small Dagger

Cybernetic Nova Dagger

Level Requirement: 750

Enhancing Stone + 2x Nova Crystals + Nova Power Cell + Nova Dagger + 2x Cybernetic Nova Core = Cybernetic Nova Dagger

Nova Bladed Fan

Level Requirement: 312

12x Small Dagger + 2x Plank + 2x Nova Crystal + 3,003,003 Gold = 1x Nova Bladed Fan


  • The Small Dagger is your starting weapon in Discord Dungeons, and one of a handful of weapons that can only be acquired once per playthrough (you will get one for free at the beginning). You can then craft more, but they are untradeable, unbuyable, unsellable.
  • The Small Dagger is one of the few weapons that can be upgraded, and the only weapon with multiple upgrade options.