Small Dagger

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Small Dagger
Small Dagger
A small basic dagger.
ID 2
Level 1
Damage 1 - 5
Buy Price Unbuyable
Sell Price Unsellable
Obtainable From Unobtainable
Tradeable Yes
Type Weapon


Nova Dagger

Level Requirement: 70

Small Dagger + Iron Ingot + 2x Nova Crystals + 12000 Gold = Nova Dagger

Golden Small Dagger

Level Requirement: 350

Small Dagger + 10x Golden Feather + 2x Gold Bar + 100,000 Gold = Golden Small Dagger


  • The Small Dagger is your starting weapon in Discord Dungeons, and one of a handful of weapons that can only be acquired once per playthrough.
  • The Small Dagger is one of the few weapons that can be upgraded, and the only weapon with multiple upgrade options.