True Wood Cutter

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True Wood Cutter
Am I the chosen one?
ID 412
Level 12
Buy Price Unbuyable
Sell Price Unsellable
Obtainable From Quest
Tradeable No
Effect Item Boost +2
Type Axe

The True Wood Cutter is an Axe tool, and equitable in effect to the Zinc Pickaxe. It is received as a quest reward for the quest A Quest About Wood.


  • The True Wood Cutter is one of two tools received in a quest, the other being the Angler's Rod.
  • The True Wood Cutter is the only Axe-type tool to be obtained only through quest.
  • The True Wood Cutter, being only obtainable through the completion of A Quest About Wood, requires that one first reach Chopping Skill Level 15, which allows access to Maple Logs. Because of this requirement, it is easily possible for one to wholly outclass the True Wood Cutter with an Iron Axe before even completing the quest.