Aestons First Firework

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Quests:Aestons First Firework
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New Years related quest. This quest takes you to unlock the Aeston Kingdom and help a stranger retrieve what was stolen from them.

Note: The rewards differ depending on if you have DRPG Membership or not.

Aestons First Firework
Help Pip retrieve what was stolen
Level 50
Starts At Silverkeep
Started By Pip
XP 0
Gold 0
Quest Points 1
Items Defense Potion or Luck Charm


Stranger in Need

Items Required: None

Begin by talking to Pip at Silverkeep. Pip had his fireworks stolen from him by the Bandit. He tells you about wanting to give the Aeston Kingdom its first firework display. Accept Pips quest to begin the quest.

Aeston Kingdom

Items Required: None

Once you begin the quest, the Aeston Kingdom will be unlocked for you to travel to. Travel to Aeston Outpost and talk to Aldea, be respectful or she may kick you out! She will tell you where you can find the Bandit, at the Ancient Crypts in Aeston. Travel there to find the Bandit.

Bandit Crypt

Items Required: None

Talk to the Bandit and agree to battle him. Use #!adv to defeat the bandit! He will give you a chance to unlock his chest once you defeat him.

Locked Chest

Items Required: None

Talk to the Bandit again in order to begin the puzzles that will unlock the chests to get Pips fireworks! Once you unlock the chest and retrieve the fireworks, return to Silverkeep to talk to Pip.

Spoiler: Solution to Chest Puzzles

Puzzle 1: 11 [add 3 to each number]

Puzzle 2: 16 [diamonds = 8]

Puzzle 3: 3 [each line adds up to 10]

Not Mine

Items Required: None

Talk to Pip at Silverkeep to give them the fireworks, turns out an item was bundled up in the fireworks that isnt theirs. Pip gives it to you to keep and thanks you for your help.

Quest Completed!