A Small Task

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This quest has a unique puzzle

A Small Task
This quest has a unique puzzle.
Level 25
Starts At Ashgate
Started By Nadia
XP 1,500
Gold 1,500
Quest Points 2


Nadia's small task

To begin the quest, talk to Nadia at the Ashgate and they'll ask if you want to do a small task for them

They'll tell you to ask get Isabelle to agree on letting me pick her cherries.

Convince Isabelle to let Nadia pick her cherries

Travel to the Ashgate and talk to the Isabelle, Convince them to let Nadia to pick her cherries. Maybe you can do them a favour? They'll ask you to fetch money that Elizabeth owes them.

Fetch money from Elizabeth

Travel to the The Sick Dahlia and get Elizabeth to give the money they owe. Maybe you can help them out so they can give you the money? They'll tell you that Madeline is supposed to finish up on some boots for her, check up on how the boots are.

Check the boots that Madeline is working on

Items Required: None Travel to the Maple Grove and check how far Madeline is done with the boots. She's almost done maybe you can give her a hand and fetch something for them? They'll tell you that they need a star ornament that Catrina has.

Fetch the star ornament for Madeline

Travel to Buckleport and ask Catrina to give you the star ornament. Maybe they need you to help them out with something before they give you it? Catrina needs some silver from Redhorn

The search for some silver

Travel to Redhorn and talk to Stella. Will they spare you some silver if you do them a task? Stella wants you to fetch a gift that Hubert has gotten for them.

Get Stellar her gift

Travel to Sanctum of Serenity and talk to Hubert They may not trust you to give the gift to Stella, maybe you can earn their trust? Hubert wants you to do them a task so they can trust you, fetch a book from a monk somewhere over in Copperfall

Find the monk and get the book for Hubert

Travel to Copperfall Summit and speak to the Copperfall Monk The Monk seems to have locked the book in a box for safekeeping and has forgotten the code..... Maybe you can solve the box? Solve the box and get the book.


You need to combine the numbers in order to get the listed result. +Use the arrows to move the selection. Use 🟩 to add the number, 🟥 to remove it, and 🟦 to skip it! The puzzle box looks a little something like,

Puzzle Box.png

Retrace your steps!

Retrace your steps and talk to all the NPCS. Hubert, then Stella, then Catrina, then Madeleine, then Elizabeth, then Isabelle, then Nadia.

Quest Complete!