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//It's a potato.//

Imagine everything in your diet having potatoes in them. Breakfast, lunch, all your snacks in between and dinner. Then one day, you go to the store with your two baskets planning to buy 12 potatoes with that fresh aroma (a very different smell than the current DiscordRPG potatoes). You plan it in your head: 5 for the stew, 3 for the salad, and 4 more for raw snacking. Once you enter the market, you find all your local neighbors fighting and shouting to get the last potato on the floor (yes, it's like RPG black Friday all over again). These were the early days of the Irish Potato Famine. Fast forwarding many years later, when potatoes were first coded found in DiscordRPG, potatoes can be mass produced by foraging - the current record being 61 potatoes.

    • ID:** 110\\
    • Level:** 13\\
    • Effect:** Heals 15 HP\\
    • Buy Price:** N/A\\
    • Sell Price:** 25 Gold\\
    • Obtainable From:** Foraging