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Item filters can be used to reduce the size of a list of items. Current commands that support them are #!items, #!inv, and #!ginv (with #!gbsearch, #!gmsearch, and #!recipe pending).


  • To get the list of buyable weapons under level 100:
#!items type:weapon cost:>:0 level:<=:100
  • To get all the ores in your inventory:
#!inv type:ore
  • To get items in your inv that give boosts to attributes:
#!inv attributes:
  • To get the list of non-donor items:
#!items donate:undefined
  • To get the list of donor items:
#!items donate:true

Usable Properties:

  • name (The item name)
  • level (The item level)
  • cost (The buying price of the item; unbuyable items have a cost of -1)
  • type (The type of the item shown in #!item)
  • toolType (The type of tools shown in #!item)
  • sell (The selling price of the item)
  • sellable (true or false value showing if an item can be sold)
  • tradable (true or false value showing if an item can be traded)
  • desc (The item's description)
  • forage (true or false value of if the item can be foraged)
  • foragedata (Either Object or undefined; same as forage but includes Magic Saplings)
  • ore (Either Object or undefined; same items as type:ore)
  • fish (Either Object or undefined; same as type:fish)
  • plural (The plural name of the object)
  • tradable (true or false value showing if an item can be traded)
  • prefix (The grammatical prefix of the object; usually a or an)
  • attributes (Either Object or undefined; whether or not the object boosts any attributes)
  • def (The percentage of damage blocked by the armor (or undefined))
  • id (The ID of the item; normally a number. Meta items are m:number)
  • itemBoost (The amount of extra items received when doing sides with this tool)
  • skillXp (The static boost to skill xp granted by Jades in tools)
  • gems (The enchantments on an item; is a string like JJ for 2 Jades)
  • sockets (The number of gem sockets on an item: 1, 2 or undefined)
  • enchants (An array of enchantments in the form [sx;4,as;10] (don't try to use this; just use gems))
  • suffix (The end of the name on meta items, such is 2SRR+23)

Not all items can use all properties. For example, not all items have an ore field, so if you search #!items ore:, any items without ore data will be filtered out.
To search for items that don't have a property, you can use undefined, like #!items donate:undefined.
The left-hand side of the filter is case-sensitive, so itemBoost will work and itemboost won't.
Searches use substrings, so if you search name:log, it'll give all items with "log" in the name.
If you want to search for multiple words, simply remove the spaces like name:maplelog.
If you leave the value (the right side of the :) empty, all items with the property will be matched.
If a value is a number, like level, you can use <, <=, >, and >= to do inequality searches like level:<:100 cost:>:0.