Healing Nectar

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Healing Nectar
Healing Nectar Healing Nectar
Healing nectar. Used in Alchemy.
ID 55
Level 3
Buy Price 40 Gold
Sell Price 30 Gold
Obtainable From Shop
Tradeable Yes
Type Dummy

Healing nectar is an ancient food for the gods. One day, they threw it out from their palace up in the sky due to the creation of the Elixir of Life. Humans found it, and from that point, they use it in alchemy. Chemists have figured out how to replicate it. They have also used its special properties to create health potions, a creation of glass and healing nectar. From deflation in modern day, a certain store sells it very cheap for around 5 gold, but nectar is still a vital ingredient in the alchemy for the health potions.


Health Potion

Level Requirement: 6

1 Healing Nectar Healing Nectar + 3 Glass Glass = 1 Health Potion Health Potion

Nova Power Cell

Level Requirement: 500

1 Healing Nectar Healing Nectar + 1 Iron Ingot Iron Ingot + 1 Nova Crystal Nova Crystal = 1 Nova Power Cell