Fishing Rod

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Fishing Rod
Fishing Rod
Used to catch fish
ID 136
Level 5
Buy Price 500 Gold
Sell Price 125 Gold
Obtainable From Shop, Crafting
Tradeable Yes
Type Fishing Rod


Fishing Rod

Level Requirement: 5

Log + String = Fishing Rod


  • The Fishing Rod, unlike the Pickaxe and Axe, can be crafted as well as bought.
  • In addition, the Fishing Rod is much cheaper than the Pickaxe and Axe. However, the Fishing Rod requires the player be level 5, versus level 1 for the other tools.
  • The Fishing Rod is the only tool that is not directly upgraded via crafting. The two publicly-accessible Rod-type items that outclass it, the Angler's Rod and Felix's Bait Rod, are both instead obtained from NPCs.