Enhancing Stone

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Enhancing Stone
Enhancing Stone
Enchances an item in alchemy.
ID 57
Level 10
Buy Price 100 Gold
Sell Price 90 Gold
Obtainable From Shop
Tradeable Yes
Type Dummy


Nova Crystal

Level Requirement: 25

2x Enhancing Stone + 3x Dust + Test Ore + Copper Ore + Zinc Ore = Nova Crystal

Royal Crystal

Level Requirement: 30

19x Enhancing Stone + Water Shard + Fire Shard + Earth Shard + Air Shard + 2x Test Ore = Royal Crystal

Felix's Orb

Level Requirement: 300

Enhancing Stone + Water Shard = Felix's Orb

Nightmare Arrow

Level Requirement: 50

2x Enhancing Stone + 1x Earth Shard + 2x Plank + 3x Dust + 2x Test Ore = 1 Nightmare arrow

Cybernetic Nova Core

Level Requirement: 500

10x Iron Ingot + 2x Enhancing Stone + Gold Bar + Copper Ingot + Zinc Ingot + 2x Nova Crystal + 10x Nova Power Cell = Cybernetic Nova Core

Cybernetic Nova Dagger

Level Requirement: 750

Enhancing Stone + 2x Nova Crystals + Nova Power Cell + Nova Dagger + 2x Cybernetic Nova Core = Cybernetic Nova Dagger


Level Requirement: 99,999

5000x Enhancing stone + 75x Steel ingot + 75x Star Fragment + 50x Stardust + 75x Starmetal Ingot = Astraber


  • Of the items the Enhancing Stone can be used to craft, the Royal Crystal is currently the only item that does not tie into a weapon in some way.