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#!rules is the command used to view the rules you need to follow when playing DRPG. Breaking any of these rules may result in your account getting banned from using the bot.

Command Format: #!rules

Cooldown: 10 Seconds

The rules of Discord Dungeons is as follows:

  1. Using any kind of automated means, including macros in order to send commands to DiscordRPG is strictly forbidden and doing so will result in you getting your character reset, and/or a ban from the bot. Copy-Pasting of the commands are however allowed.
  2. Abusing any kind of glitch or bug is a bannable offense.
  3. Any kind of blackmailing is strictly forbidden.
  4. Your account - Your responsibility
  5. Don't spam the commands.
  6. Using real money or other bot currencies to buy gold or items off of another player is prohibited, as is scamming players for gold or items. If this happens contact a member of the staff in the offical server.
  7. Using alternate accounts for personal gain or to bypass a ban is strictly forbidden.