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It's a flat piece of wood.

ID: 91
Level: 10
Buy Price: N/A
Sell Price: 7 Gold
Obtainable From: Crafting



Level Requirement: 10
Log = 4x Plank

Bear Trap

Level Requirement: 12
4x Iron Ingot + Plank = Bear Trap

Empty Vial

Level Requirement: 10
Glass + Glass + Plank = Empty Vial

Butterfly Net

Level Requirement: 5
Plank + 8x String = Butterfly Net


Youssefdragonfireym, 2017/08/25 17:56

so i cant get butterfly net when i am lvl 5 ?

R Franklinscoobylegend, 2017/08/10 18:47

So I was looking to start fishing at level 5. But to fish i need a rod, which means I need string, leading to needing wool. I get wool from trapping, using a bear trap that i need a plank for which i can't get till level 10, and bear trap can't be crafted till level 12. So how does anyone get a fishing rod at level 5?

Jane K.durgenburn, 2017/08/13 00:19

You can buy one from the shop, I'm pretty sure.

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