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Magic Sapling

Plant a random tree!

ID: 92
Level: 14
Buy Price: N/A
Sell Price: 500 Gold
Obtainable From: Foraging


The Magic Sapling is the only item being plantable, and after you've planted it, you must wait for a while before you can check and see how much harvest you've got. Do note that when harvesting (or checking that is), the sapling is consumed. Therefore waiting for a while before checking it is critical to get more harvest.

  • To plant: #!plant set magic sapling
  • To harvest: #!plant check

If using Dynobot, I suggest to set a reminder somewhere in the future to remind you to check the plant, like in ?remindme Do #!plant check in 4 hours or however long you'll want to wait.


Marshimarshnarsh, 2017/01/19 12:37

What would be the ideal amount of money to ask for if I was going to trade?

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