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Ball of Wool

It's fluffy.

ID: 78
Level: 12
Buy Price: N/A
Sell Price: 45 Gold
Obtainable From: Trapping



Level Requirement: 10
Log + Ball of Wool = String


Holly Tangunknownuser, 2017/02/03 03:46

You can also get ball of wool from global trades

Dex Lutherdex_luther, 2017/01/16 02:01

So you have to be level 5 in order to use #!catch, but can't catch anything until you get a butterfly net, which you need to be level 10 to craft using material you can only get at level 12? How does this make sense?

dinoxaurzdinoxaurz, 2017/06/03 22:39

It doesn't. Bad design.

Matt Clarktheraven81, 2018/08/20 07:55

very bad design.

Holly Tangunknownuser, 2016/12/11 02:14

You can get Ball of Wool by trapping. You need to be at least level 12 to trap. You trap by typing #!trap set After 20 minutes, you can get 1 balls of wool. You can get items from trapping by typing #!trap check

Zanelucasthelost, 2016/11/16 19:01

How do i trap stuff?

Glenbewareofpigz, 2016/10/19 10:34

I believe you get it from trapping Check Here:

Siobhanvel, 2016/10/15 23:35

How do you get this item?

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